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In 2020, Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington partnered with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, the nonprofit membership organization serving charitable nonprofits, to create an easy-to-use, innovative approach to grantmaking and grant receiving. The Resource Connector is a grantmaking tool that showcases nonprofit funding requests made through a simple application process that introduces them to over +100 funding organizations and individuals. Funders benefit from having access to a vetted clearinghouse of requests from nonprofits, access to a Funder’s Bulletin Board for advice, and opportunities to effortlessly collaborate with other funders in order to fulfill nonprofit resource needs.

The Resource Connector is available for use by all 501(c)(3) nonprofits in good standing that serve communities in Oregon and southwest Washington.

We were able to review dozens of nonprofit requests in our interest areas, identify the ones we were most interested in and reach out directly to them to learn more, complete our due diligence, and fund quickly and efficiently.

Yvette Rhodes The Ford Family Foundation

We were hoping to find nonprofits that hadn’t applied for our grants before. Using the Resource Connector, it’s easy to sort by service area and program focus.

Jackie Murphy The Collins Foundation

Creating a profile and submitting a request for funding with no deadline pressure. We knew that we could submit when it fit with our busy schedule and that the request could be reviewed by a foundation with an open grant cycle.

Mark Jackson REAP

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Disclaimer: Connecting through this portal in no way commits participating nonprofits nor funders to receive/give funds. Staff from interested funders will directly connect with nonprofits for additional information about funding requests submitted through this portal.