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Our philanthropic community works to support nonprofits throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Everyday, our nonprofit partners provide services that address critical community needs as well as working to uplift larger systemic issues like eradicating hunger, addressing homelessness and committing to social and racial justice for all. For it’s part, philanthropy has made strides to broaden how and who we fund, deepen our commitment to equitable practices, and create innovative solutions that support the critical work of our nonprofit partners.

The Resource Connector is a grantmaking tool that offers a simple, universal application that encourages nonprofit participants to concisely describe their project and highlights issues such as BIPOC leadership, geographic perspective and nonprofit program focus areas. The Resource Connector is also a place for funders to connect with one another through a Funder’s Bulletin Board, so that they can effortlessly collaborate with other funders to fulfill resource needs.

The Resource Connector Program Details

All applicants must be an eligible 501(c)(3) public benefit organization based in Oregon or Southwest Washington.

An organization may submit only one request per cycle

The request can be for between $500 and $20,000

The request must be submitted between now and February 15, 2021

The current cycle concludes on March 31, 2021

Funders are under no obligation to provide funding to any project listed on this service.

Funders are welcome to reach out to Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington at with any questions.

Success Stories

Forward Together

The Black United Fund of Oregon

The Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis