Supporting Oregon and SW Washington Nonprofits

Charitable nonprofits serve our communities throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington, providing much-needed programs and services. In good times and bad, nonprofits stand with and are led by our communities to serve their needs, interests and aspirations. Thank you to all nonprofit leaders, workers and volunteers who work to build a better world.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington partnered with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon to build a grantmaking tool that would connect nonprofit resource needs with potential funders. Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington is the membership association for the philanthropic sector, and NAO is Oregon’s nonprofit membership organization serving nonprofits statewide. 

The Resource Connector is now being opened up for all 501(c)(3) nonprofits in good standing that serve communities in Oregon and southwest Washington. As well, funding requests have been broadened in scope so that you may seek funds for those needs that best serve your program participants and mission.

Funders are keenly aware of the resource challenges nonprofits are facing and The Resource Connector is another avenue for nonprofits to request support. Funders acknowledge that there will be more requests than can be funded; however, the hope is that funders can pool resources and fund requests resulting in a bigger impact than they may have alone in support of the great work nonprofits do in our communities.

You can learn more about Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington here. You can learn more about the Nonprofit Association of Oregon or become a member here.  


The Resource Connector Program Details

– All applicants must be an eligible 501(c)(3) public benefit organization based in Oregon or Southwest Washington
– An organization may submit only one request per cycle
– The request can be for between $500 and $20,000
– The request must be submitted between now and February 15, 2021
– The current cycle concludes on March 31, 2021
– Funders are under no obligation to provide funding to any project listed on this service.

Success Stories

Forward Together

The Black United Fund of Oregon

The Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis

Nonprofit registrations and new requests are not being accepted at this time. We will post updated information here as it comes available.